Reasons Why you Need Preventive Maintenance Software for your Organization?

Preventive maintenance is extremely important for the growth of any business as it increases the performance and safety of your valuable assets.

Preventive maintenance is a part of CMMS software that helps in maintaining and managing the performance of the assets. In addition to this, it is responsible for the unplanned downtime because of the planned preventive maintenance management software schedule improves the overall efficiency of your assets.

Many maintenance professionals have acknowledged the worthy benefits of preventive maintenance. Therefore, many organizations are adding preventive management software to their organization.

Here are 5 reasons why preventive maintenance software is crucial for your organization.

Unexpected downtime hampers the growth of any business. Unplanned downtime means you must pay a certain amount of money to the technicians. Sometimes, you need to pay some extra money for the overnight delivery of the assets. However, with the help of preventive maintenance management software, you would be able to save a lot of money by averting the equipment failure.

Increased efficiency:
Preventive maintenance software aids in the regular maintenance of the assets such as inspection, lubrication, replacement, recovery and more. This will increase the uptime of the assets and enhances the overall productivity of your business.

Increased Equipment Life:
Preventive maintenance software manages to reduce downtime thus increases the equipment life by regularly maintaining and tracking the asset’s performance. Regular maintenance improves your asset’s lifecycle and performance.

Improved safety and reliability:
It is very difficult and unsafe to work with the equipment if it is operating poorly. Old machinery can create a lot of problems while working. There even might be a situation when workers are injured. Regular maintenance inspection reduces the chances of asset failure.

Preventive maintenance software can also help you to build a strong reputation in the market. It allows you to deliver products and services on time without any delays. Adding preventive maintenance software to your company can build a healthy relationship with your customers.

Reduced maintenance costs:
Preventive maintenance reduces the overall maintenance cost of the equipment by frequently scheduling maintenance. In addition, it also reduces the breakdown and failures of assets.

When it comes to preventive maintenance software, a myriad of options is available in the market, which makes it difficult to choose the right option. If you are seeking a reliable and comprehensive preventive maintenance solution for work order management, then Promaint CMMS is the name to trust.

About Promaint CMMS:

Promaint CMMS is the best-in-class preventive maintenance management software that can be accessible by all the organizations. Promaint comes with exceptional features such as preventive maintenance, work order task management, contact management, inventory management and more.

Top 6 Technologies for Website Development in 2020

From Dotnet to Javascript, we have seen how the internet and website development has evolved. But is that it? With everything on the world wide web these days, it’s no surprise that advancement in the website development sector is rapid. However, there are a lot of new technologies being worked upon, how do we know what the next big thing is? What tech integrations should we look forward to in the upcoming year? If you are looking for answers to the same questions, then read ahead.

To help curb your curiosity, we have compiled a list of top 6 Technologies for Website Development that are going to rule the web development sector in 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
Artificial intelligence, AKA machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines compared to the natural intelligence of humans. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have given a new direction and dimension to digital transformation. All the big and small industry players are aware of its significance and dominance, so the growth of 70% by the end of 2020 is expected.

Chatbots are the next big thing. They have created a sensation in e-commerce web portals by changing the process of communication. Chatbots are basically virtual assistants that follow a straightforward Q&A style method to interact with customers. Businesses can add personalities to their chatbots that go according to their brand image. If you are planning to develop a chatbot for your business then hire an offshore development team with prior experience. This can help in new customer acquisition, retention, and improving overall customer experience. Chatbots are growing and evolving rapidly. They make life easy, and humans love that, so naturally, they are going to be a trend to look forward to in 2020.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Pages (PWA)
AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is the latest google developed sensation. It is an open-source platform that basically helps in increasing website views by increasing the speed and performance of a website by decreasing loading time. With enhanced SEO and time-saving features, mobile users are likely to benefit more by getting the ultimate user experience.

While building websites and native apps, the next step in web development is Progressive web pages integration. PWA is a technological upgrade we needed. PWAs are fast, discoverable, linkable, network independent, responsive, and safe. A lot of e-commerce and tech giants are using PWA’s to earn huge revenues via conversions.

3. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality is expected to sweep the web, especially the gaming sector, where it is currently booming at a rapid rate. Tech giants like Google are already researching ways to implement or transit VR into the web world. You should expect a lot of VR based applications in 2020.

Augmented Reality is more focused on showing the virtual world in the real world, which helps in taking the definition of user experience to another dimension. 2020 will bring a range of opportunities to explore web development using AR. This technology of merging the existing Reality with virtual CG enhancements in real-time is superlative.

4. Voice Search Feature
The ease in doing things is one factor why people use technology. Technology has increased so much that everything is at the tip of our fingers. It has changed the way humans lead their lives. To eliminate the need to move or type things, voice-based searches have replaced text and typing. Virtuals assistants like Bixbi, Siri, Alexa, and Google home are some examples. People are getting used to the comfort that these devices and this technology have to offer. From mobile phones to laptops and voice-activated home assistants, we should expect interactive websites based on voice search features in the near future.

5. Motion UI factor
Motion UI is one of the most attractive tools in website development because of its creative approach in increasing the conversion rates of websites. It supports animations and transitions in web development. In other words, it is quite popular amongst developers because it provides a platform to create motion within a native application setting.

Bundled with CSS and Javascript( Angular JS and Node JS) Motion UI can help in the seamless integration of animation into websites. It can help in getting access to predefined motions on websites, ease brand interaction with storytelling, and trigger emotions in users to enhance activity. User interactions are more intuitive these days; Motion UI can help increase website traffic and new customer acquisition by creating a living interactive site that can be personalized for each user, which will give them an emotional experience they’ll remember and associate your brand with it.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)
The Internet of things has been a new revelation. Its basic idea behind this technology is to facilitate by providing network connectivity to non-internet connected objects. From toasters to straighteners and kettles, any and all objects in our day to day life can be used. Things you can do? Turn on the lights, wearable devices that do more than just tell you time, e.g., calls texts. A lot of big shot companies have already started working on API’s to integrate the web services with this technology to communicate with these devices. With these developments, you might just control every device in your house remotely. By 2020, the number of projected devices that will be interconnected will reach close to 30 billion.


These are some of the web trends that we believe you should look forward to in the coming year. With large scale developments and visible changes, you should expect interactive and responsive web development. As of now, the stronghold of Python, PHP, and Javascript frameworks in web development cannot be denied. When combined with these trends, we are sure it will further enhance the quality of website development and communication.

Augmented Reality is the FUTURE…! But what is the FUTURE of Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality(AR) is drastically going to change the way we learn, shop, and visualize everyday objects in the upcoming years. Major brands like IKEA and Amazon, to name a few, have implemented AR development into their businesses to have an upper hand over their competitors in trying to provide their customers with an interactive experience with their brand.

The Market capital for AR by 2022 is estimated to be around USD 160 billion (Statista AR/VR Market Size Prediction) due to the crucial upgrade it can incorporate within various industries like Education, Real estate, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Navigation, Automobile, Fitness, Entertainment & Infotainment and many more.

But what is stopping AR from gaining mainstream popularity among a lot of businesses in the market provided the plethora of advantages it has to offer? This blog briefly summarises the limitations of AR development in the market and provides a fitting solution.

Limitations of AR Development:
The major challenge for AR development in the market is because of a few factors that will slowly diminish as AR gains popularity in the future.

People have associated AR with gaming and aren’t educated enough to see a world full of possibilities and advantages that AR has to offer in other industries. This will only resolve when they see the real-time application of AR in other industries.

Cost and time:
AR development is not very convenient for a lot of businesses because it is a costly and time-consuming affair.

Creating and maintaining an AR app would require a dependency on developers, software and hardware during various steps of the process.

Lack of Proven Business Models:
A lot of businesses do not see the need for AR as they believe it might not give consistent and promising results when compared to conventional methods of branding and customer interactivity.

It is going to be a while before people start accepting AR as a part and parcel of life just like the time when the internet and smartphones were introduced to the world.

Possibilities of AR Development:
The stigma associated with AR has blinded people from seeing the bright side of the technology. The advantages are endless and will help the business right from building a virtual concept of the product, training their employees, appealingly presenting their product, helping the user understand the product in a detailed way and make a wiser decision by enhancing interactivity.

Let us imagine you are a business owner and a sales representative from a firm that provides tailored AR development solutions for specific businesses, quotes you an upwards of USD 5000(excluding license fees) and about 200+ hours for the complete AR development and around USD 100 and 10+ hours every month as maintenance of the application.

By rationally thinking this through, you will reconsider AR development for your business due to the following:

– The high cost of development.

– Time-consuming process.

– High dependency on Developers.

– Migration between SDKs is not feasible.

– Cost of content creation.

– Is AR mandatory for my business?

You realize that AR is not mandatory for your business, but it is good to implement it because of the overwhelming response your business will receive from the audience for providing a unique and interactive purchase experience which will, in turn, boost sales and assure the loyalty of the customer.

You start wishing how all of this wouldn’t be so expensive and time-consuming, yet wouldn’t compromise on the quality of work.

We, at PlugXR, have the right solution for you.

Why PlugXR is Unique Platform?
PlugXR’s fastest and first-of-its-kind AR Creator Platform helps you to create immersive and detailed AR experiences with our easy drag and drop option without any coding skills. You surely would have landed on a few drags and drop AR platforms while you were researching an easier and efficient alternative for AR development. But what makes PlugXR stand apart as a one-stop end-to-end AR solution provider is mentioned below:

Every other drag and drop platform requires you to be dependant on a developer to create an AR app for the first time. We assure zero dependencies on a developer to create an app and maintain it further.

We make creating an AR app so much simpler by providing Play Store and App Store publish-ready files (.apk, .IPA and source code) in the platform instead of downloading Android Studio or XCODE to publish your AR app on Android and iOS. This eliminates both Hardware and Software dependancy.

Our cross SDK support feature lets you build an AR app on an SDK of your choice. Not just that, you could also shift from one SDK to another while building an app without losing any development done earlier. This feature offers you flexibility unlike any other platform and also completely rules out the dependency on the SDK provider as well.

PlugXR platform also supports the most advanced animations, call to actions, asset support(2D and 3D), images, particle effects and a lot more. Our asset converter helps in optimizing your assets to a format that is supported for AR development.

Since the PlugXR platform is a browser-based cloud platform, you can access it from anywhere with NO hardware dependency.

The Reports & Analytics feature helps you keep a real-time tab on the AR development process.

All these features collectively save you at least 50% of the cost and about 50-60% of the time as compared to other drag and drop platform providers in the market.

How does the PlugXR platform work?
The PlugXR Creator helps you build immersive AR experiences on market-leading SDKs like Vuforia, ARKit, and ARCore.

You can now create a new white-label app of your own (on Android, iOS or both), integrate into your existing app or the PlugXR app (on Android, iOS or both) or on WebAR (browser-based cloud experiences).

Your app can contain Marker-based AR (image tracking), Markerless AR (surface tracking) or WebAR (browser-based cloud application) experiences.

Right from creating an AR experience to publishing your app on Android or iOS, we have you covered. This only assures that we are standing true to our promise of providing you with an end-to-end AR solution.

5 common mistakes fresh Mobile App Developers Make

Being a fresher in any field requires a lot of energy and effort to reach the level of expert. It indeed is a journey where you learn a lot of things from experience and mistakes. Mistakes are a necessary element of learning. When you make a mistake, you probably learn a number of new things, and this helps to move to a new step in your career journey. However, mistakes sometimes can be serious and might affect the project of your employers. To avoid such cases, it’s important to learn things in advance. Just to help you, I have collected here some of the common mistakes that fresh mobile app developers do at the start of their careers.

Copying and Repeating a Popular Idea
Avoid repeating cliché and famous ideas that already have gained fame and have no area of improvement. Try to amaze people with a new solution. Your app must be enough engaging for the users to attract and retain users. A unique idea may help you achieve this.

Developing an App for Everything
Don’t just start with anything that comes to your mind or that someone suggests. It is wise to do a survey about whether people want something you are going to develop or not. Share your idea with others, research market and do a survey before start developing an app.

Avoiding Beta Testing
An important phase of the mobile app is Beta testing. But many developers ignore this step. With beta testing, you get a lot of useful information about improvement in your app from users. Ask people to try your app and receive feedback from them. Those feedbacks will help you improve the user experience of your app. Moreover, with beta testing, you can test your app on different software and devices helping you understand how your app works on various devices.

In addition, beta testing is a great way to test your application on different hardware and OS setups, which is key to understanding if your software works correctly.

Lack of Right Marketing
A common mistake that is usually observed from lazy mobile app development company in Dallas who keep delaying the marketing stuff. Marketing is an important part and requires a good proportion of your app development efforts. If you will not tell anyone about your app, nobody is going to know. Start from your family and friends to all the people around you.

A good marketing strategy is important. An effective idea for marketing is using customer stories. Through those stories, people get aware of the solutions your mobile app offers them what kind of goals they can fulfill through your app.

Not Updating Your App
It is quite difficult to develop a perfect mobile app that works seamlessly without any errors with all those functions a user may need. A mobile app would probably need improvements after its release. So, keep checking the user reviews and update your app simultaneously.

Wrapping Up

Mobile App development is a long process and requires many technical and non-technical factors to be considered. If you are a mobile app developer Dallas, you need to take care of the above-mentioned points to avoid bad reviews from your clients. Because bad reviews at the beginning of your career can be deadly and impact your success.